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Stay Active During Bike Month

Posted On: 05/25/2021

We’re big advocates for leading an active lifestyle. If you want more than our two-story fitness center to get moving ea...

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Go Out On Museum Day

Posted On: 05/21/2021

Get inspired this weekend with a tour through the High Museum of Art. Award-winning architecture and an extensive collec...

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The Home You Won't Forget

Posted On: 05/18/2021

Luxury, style, elegance. Welcome home! We have a list of irresistible amenities lined up for you!

World Cocktail Day

Posted On: 05/13/2021

Bourbon might not be the answer but it’s worth a shot. Do you love a margarita on the rocks or are you more of an old-...

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Celebrate Golf Day!

Posted On: 05/10/2021

Don’t miss the chance to practice your swing today. ? You can use our on-site simulator or head out to Cherokee Town & C...

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No Diet Day

Posted On: 05/06/2021

We love having cake for dinner. It’s got to be somebody’s birthday… somewhere.

What's Your Perfect Morning?

Posted On: 05/03/2021

How do you start your mornings? A: Outdoor meditation B: Easy jogging

Weekend Adventures

Posted On: 04/30/2021

End your week in style with a trip outdoors—the Big Trees Forest Preserve is less than a 10-minute drive away and brimmi...

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Enjoy Office Vibes At Home

Posted On: 04/26/2021

Need a few hours to catch up on work? Just hang out at our co-working spaces—they’re spacious, elegant, and equipped wit...

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Take Action On Earth Day

Posted On: 04/22/2021

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty” – John Ruskin Let’s make sure we protect the on...

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